Ioannis Stavrou

Director/Civil Engineer


He has pursued a diverse range of academic accomplishments in the field of civil engineering. His educational journey includes:

– Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Civil Engineering from Frederick University in Cyprus.

– Master’s degree (MSc) in Conservation and Restoration of Historical Buildings and Monuments, showcasing his passion for preserving architectural heritage.

– Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused on Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Wooden Floor Dynamic Response, with a particular emphasis on wooden constructions.

Motivated by his passion for his profession and a desire for continuous learning, he further expanded his knowledge by pursuing a specialization in the family business. He completed a master’s program focusing on the Conservation and Restoration of Historical Buildings and Monuments, which he successfully accomplished.

Today, he holds the position of civil engineer in the company, where he leverages his extensive academic background and industry experience to contribute to the success of projects.

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