Charalambos Stavrou




Driven by a profound passion for wood as a building material, he embarked on a remarkable journey to establish his own construction company specializing in wood constructions in Cyprus. With over 25 years of experience in the construction sector, he brings a wealth of expertise to his endeavors.

Throughout his extensive career, he dedicated significant time and effort to studying wood as a building material. This involved in-depth exploration, including visits to the largest wood factories in Europe. By sourcing the finest building materials, he ensures that his company in Cyprus delivers exceptional quality to clients.

His visionary approach and unwavering commitment have positioned him as a prominent figure in the wood construction industry. Through his company, he continues to fulfill his passion for working with wood and creating remarkable structures that showcase the beauty and versatility of this natural material.

Arki Architecture is a New-York-based studio practice focused on modern design, interiors and landscapes. From our inception in 2007, we have delivered exceptional public. As a full-service firm.

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